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How enable https for free – Complete guide on free SSL installation

Since last few Google search algorithm updates, it seems that the sites with https are getting more priority in SERP. Considering this, most of the bloggers are now migrating their sites to htts:// paying a handsome amount. But paying for the best may not be always the last option when it comes to web security and ranking. There are many free SSL certificate issuing authorities in the market at present, but they are not  well reputed enough to complete the giant CA Comodo SSL. So, what if you could get a Comodo SSL for absolutely free of cost on your site? Read on to know how to install Comodo grade SSL certificate for free of cost. In this article, I’ll explain step by step installation procedure of free Comodo SSL from Cloudflare.

How to fix repeating site title issue in WordPress 4.3?

After upgrading your WordPress blog, are your browser’s titles are looking ugly repeating unnecessarily? This means your theme is not fully compatible with the latest WordPress version. So now question arises that what to do to fix this repeating title issue. First of all, check if your theme has pushed any update, and if yes then update it with the latest version. In case no update is pushed from your theme or even after updating the theme to its latest version, the problem still persists, then that means your theme is not compatible with WordPress 4.1 and above versions. So what to do in this situation is the aim to discuss in this quick tutorial.

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