Freestyle Post was launched on 1st January 2013, during early morning. Before the date, it was just an idea to start blogging with a multi-niche platform.

Sultan Mustafijul Hoque, the spirit behind this platform, is currently working as a Lead Editor in India’s leading education portal IndiaStudyChannel along with other 30 Editors.

Few lines from Sultan:


Sultan Mustafijul Hoque
Sultan Mustafijul Hoque

After blogging from numerous anonymous blogs and freelancing platforms, I was thinking of launching another multi-niche platform where we can write on any topic, and thus the idea of “Freestyle Post” came in my mind. During the last part of the year 2012, I researched a lot and also consulted with few well known online celebrities, regarding which domain to choose that will suite best my idea. Among these, Mr. Main Uddin from Perfect Bloggers Tech helped me a lot in choosing the best domain, which is currently in use. For your hundreds of helping hands which are always ready to guide me, through this message, I convey my gratitude and grand salute to you.

About Me:

During the last part of 20th century, I was born in small village of Assam, which was still technologically too far away from the modern trends. Due to this, the fruitful bonding of brotherhood was still on the top among them. (Though it is controversial, I belief that modern technology and the ease of life is behind the increasing distance between each other.) Due to this, I fully enjoyed my childhood playing with my friends and silver drops during the cool mornings and bright evenings along with my regular studies. During the first part of 21st century, I was introduced first with computers and internet, though I was too young. After surfing for few weeks, some questions like “How they build these websites?” struck in my mind, but there was no one to feed my knowledge hunger. Then I started searching on web with Google, but during that time Google algorithm was not so advanced to fight against black hats and other SEO attacks. Thus I hardly got the required information. But still I was learning basic HTML, CSS and PHP with a slug’s race against rabbit. After lots of researches, finally I designed and hosted my first ever 5 page mobile website with “MobiSiteGalore”, a free sub-domain mobile webpage hosting provider of that time. And thus, my journey started towards website designing and blogging field. Later on, during my academic studies, I had completed a PGDCA diploma too from Assam’s leading computer education institution.

During this short journey I have learnt one thing, that “If you are techno-hungry, then you’ll be definitely fed by someone in this virtual world. All you need just to stick with the stream.” …And thus from a very small and backward place in Assam, I become  Webmaster(!) Sultan 😎 !!