A complete review of ‘Speaking from Among the Bones’ – a book from ‘Flavia de Luce’ series

About the book:

Speaking from Among the Bones is the fifth book of the fiction literature series Flavia de Luce by the famous Canadian fiction author Alan Bradley. This book is going to be published on 29th January, 2013 by Random House Publishing Group. In this book, author Bradley has once again focused on the central character of the whole series, named Flavia de Luce, an eleven-year-old amateur detective and her mystery hunting experiences. In this book, the author has fantastically made the illusion with lots of fear and chilling plots, scary digging up of five hundred years old holy tomb of St. Tancred and the mystery with this dead body. Plots of this book is set on the year 1951, when Flavia was only of 11.
Among thousands of upcoming books, this book has scored 560th rank in Amazon’s best seller books series. The book comes up with a total of 400 pages with hardcover binding, audio CD and audiobook format, which will be released on the same ceremony. This Bradley book carries ISBN-10: 0385344031 and ISBN-13: 978-0385344036 respectively.

Speaking from among the Bones
The latest book from “Flavia de Luce” series by Alan Bradley

Inside the Book:

The book starts with the 500th death anniversary holy program of St. Tancred where the decision and permission was taken to open the saints holy tomb at the village church in Bishop’s Lacey. At the time of digging up the holy tomb the team with Flavia was very much surprised to see dead body of another person which come first. They were shocked to see the dead body which belongs to Mr. Collicutt who was the church organist who died with wearing a has mask. Suspecting murder, Flavia started to investigate the case on her own to trace out the mystery and thus the story line goes forward with full of mystery slowly getting unfolded.

About the series “Flavia de Luce” :

This fiction literature series was started at United Kingdom during January 2009 with its very first book The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. After it’s UK Orion publication, the book was also released in Canada during February 2009 by “Doubleday”.
With lots of encouragement from his wife author Alan Bradley wrote the first chapter and a synopsis of a murder mystery for the UK based Orion Publishing Groups sponsored “Debut Dagger fiction competition” run by The United Kingdom Crime Writers’ Association during 2007. He managed to qualify for the contest with only 15 pages write up. During the month of June, 2007 he was announced as the winner of the competition and also got a proposal for publication of the book. After receiving the Debut Dagger award on 5th July, 2007, he started to write a full flagged fiction novel from those fifteen pages. Soon he planned to complete the novel in a series consisting of six volumes and started working on it. He took only 7 months to complete the first book which was published during 2009.
As of now, 4 successful volumes are published and all these are record breaking best sellers. These are, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (published during Jan-February 2009),The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag (published in March-2010), A Red Herring without Mustard (published in February-2011) and I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (published in December-2011). Among all these, the upcoming volume “Speaking from Among the Bones” has more deep chilling concepts, and hence we can hope that this one will break all the records of selling copies.

About the author:

Alan Bradley
The great fiction-literature author Alan Bradley

The famous fiction-literature author Alan Bradley is a retired electronic engineer, who worked at many sophisticated companies and at last at the University of Saskatchewan. After taking early retirement in 1994 from the University job, he become a full-time writer. Bradley was born in the year 1938 in Toronto in Canada.
He had started his writing career as a non-fiction author. But soon after the huge popularity of “Flavia de Luce” series, be become a proficient writer in fiction-literature category.

Awards won by Flavia de Luce series:

From the very begining, when there was no existance of the series, or even a full-fledged novel, it started getting prestigious awards. During the journey, the series has got many awards, like Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger Award, Barry Award, Macavity Award, Agatha Award, Dilys Winn Award and Arthur Ellis Award.


Price of the book “Speaking from Among the Bones” and pre-order details:

The book is currently available for pre-order at many online mega stores, including Amazon.com. The official price of the book will be $24 US on release. The Amazon.com pre-order price of this book is $16.32 US with Hardcover and $23.10 US for Audio CD/Audiobook format. Rush now and place a pre-order there before the stock finishes.

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