Wondershare 2014 video editing software review: Pros and Cons

The latest 2014 release of Wondershare video editing software is widely appreciated video editing tool, which comes under the nominal price of $39 .99 only from its parent software firm. This video editor comes in a package along with a cool video player. I am a professional video editor and have tried many other video editing softwares, including some very high priced one too. But using Wondershare video editor, I have felt the ease of video editing for small video editors having not any kind of heavy expectations. After very few touches, I have seen putting homemade videos on YouTube with Wondershare video editor in minutes. Therefore, now I have decided to share my mixed experiences with our invaluable visitors.

Wondershare Video Editor
The Home Screen

Now let us know little bit more about this new video editor, especially pros and cons (drawbacks).

Pros of Wondershare Video Editor:

First, we will let our visitors know about those features which you’ll love most about this software.

  1. Adjustable video frame: When you open the software, you’ll be prompted to choose the desired frame of your upcoming video. You can choose between Widescreen (16:9) and Landscape (4:3) framing of your project.
  2. Project based editing: Wondershare video editor is functional with project-based video editing, that means you can save your work as a raw material for future editing in a need. This gives an extra benefit giving ease of video editing in multiple schedules.
  3. Simple import-export feature: When you are ready to edit your video, you can import them from your hard drive in multiples just by clicking the Import button. As soon as you click the Open button (Windows 7), your videos are imported to your project for further editing. After you are done with all your editing stuff, you can simply export them by clicking the Export button, which will lead you to choose the preferred format and give you some additional option to directly upload into YouTube and Facebook. The export interface also gives an option to Burn the video into a DVD.
  4. Simple editing interface: Many a times, I have found myself searching for the interface where all sort of editing to be done in many high-end professional video editing softwares. Unlike that, here, in Wondershare the editing interface is embedded just below to the imported video list. Just drag and drop your imported videos in the chronology to edit and give your special touch.Wondershare Editing Screen
  5. The ease of editing: The most successful softwares are those which comes with easily understandable working principle. Here too, Wondershare video editor comes with very easily explore-able editing techniques targeting basic level of video editing understanding user-base. For example, you can detach audio portion from your video just with two mouse clicks! Hover over the lower part of your imported video in the editing interface, which is easily detectable with color difference, right click there and choose Audio Detach” option from the pop-up tray, and now the audio part of the video will be detached and shift below the Video label, featuring with Audio label. To add a flash and hold effect, just click the Hold and Flash Button button which comes as a header to the editing interface with other buttons. To adjust Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue and paying speed of the video, you’ll need to click only one button, the Edit Button button. There is one more excellent editing feature, the Rollback editing history feature, which gives you the option to undo all your previous editing and enhancements done. This is a must have feature whether you are professional or amateur video editor. This feature can be accessed by clicking Rollback Button button.
  6. Adding special effects and captions made so easy: The menu just after the imported video listing, which looks like Special Effects, gives you options to add special effects, captions, transitions, sound effects, etc. in your video.
  7. There is also a cool live playback area which becomes very useful when you need to check how your video looks like after you add effects or edit it.

So, these are the main factors which makes Wondershare video editor a better one among many others. But, as you know, there is nothing perfect in this world. Mistakes and drawbacks gives rise to newer concepts and further implementations. This implies equally to Wondershare too. Therefore, let us know few drawbacks of this  video editing software.

Drawbacks of Wondershare Video Editor:

While some of its drawbacks are really serious and needs immediate upgrade and some are not so serious and can be even ignored.  Let us know in detail.

  1. Does not come with Audio templates: Wondershare video editor does not come with built in royalty-free audio templates which could be used as a background music in your videos. The software also doesn’t have any kind of audio music generator or synthesizer, which could be more useful when there is no audio templates present.
  2. No still image support: It doesn’t support still image importing. That means you won’t be able to make any slideshow videos using your still images. This is also one of its major drawbacks which needs immediate attention.
  3. Less output formats: Wondershare supports only few smartphone and PC high  definition output video formats, such as  AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-3, 3GP and MP3 formats. There is no support for low fps small screen cellphones. Sometimes this limitation also may create trouble to extend.
  4. No logo/watermark insertion: This video editing software doesn’t have support to insert Logo or Watermark in your edited video, which can be featured throughout the full length. This is a major drawback, because such logos reflects the creator’s copyright. Wondershare team should  fix this as soon as possible.


After reviewing the  Wondershare video editing software, I have come to the view that, this tool is for home video editing tasks, not that much suitable for professional tasking needs.  Still this is a low budget video editing tool and can come satisfactory to newborn professionals. 

 Price: $39.99 | OS: Windows & Mac | Free trial: Yes with time limit | Discount: $10 off from its original price of $49.99 | Homepage: http://www.wondershare.com/video-editor/

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