Maruti Suzuki Cervo Vs Tata Nano: Comparison between two low budget car

The Indian low budget automobile market king Maruti is about to launch their another cheap car in Indian market- Maruti Suzuki Cervo. This car will be targetting Indian middle-class family automobile desires with this stylish hatchback model. Till today, the Nano series of Tata motors is grabbing the huge Indian low budget automobile market with very minimal price range. When the Cervo will start spreading it’s kingdom, with it’s unique look and specifications I am quite sure that it will beat Tata’s Nano models. Now let us see a comparative review of Maruti Cervo and Tata Nano.


Maruti Suzuki Cervo Vs Tata Nano
Maruti Suzuki Cervo Vs Tata Nano

Comparison between Maruti Suzuki Cervo and Tata Nano: Two law budget car series

Price range:

Maruti Suzuki Cervo is expected to be available within the price range of Rs 2,00,000/- to 2,50,0000/-. While Tata Nano is already available within this price range. So, Cervo is also going to be one among those cheapest cars in the world.

Fuel consumption and Engine specification

With a DOHC Petrol engine of 658 cc which gives a maximum of 54 BHP power @ 6500 rpm to it’s 2 cylinder engine, Maruti Suzuki Cervo is expected to run smoothly in Indian market.
In the case of Tata Nano, it has a 624 cc Engine displacement power with 38 PS @ 5500 rpm, which generates 51 Nm @ 4000 rpm Torque, which gives a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. But with a 2 cylinder MPF Petrol engine of 54 BHP @ 6500 rpm engine max power and 64 Nm @ 3500 rpm max torque, Maruti Suzuki Cervo will be of more smooth and powerful user experiences.
Along with these engine profiles, Maruti Suzuki Cervo gives a 21 kmpl mileage in highways and 17 kmpl in cities, while Tata Nano gives a maximum of 25.4 kmpl (on highways) and 22.2 kmpl (on cities) mileage, which will be more beneficial in terms of fuel consumption than that of Maruti Suzuki Cervo.

Dimensions: Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano

This Cervo generation cars comes in 3395x1475x1535 mm dimension while Tata Nano comes with 3099x1495x1652 mm exclusive dimension. So, while Nano will give a more wider interior experience with exclusive 1495 mm width and more interior space with 1652 mm height to decor with; and on the other hand, Cervo is coming with 296 mm extra length compared to Tata Nano, but with less interior space and height. A major drawback of Tata Nano is it’s 4 person seating capacity, despite of having the extra space. Maruti Cervo is coming with 5 person seating capacity.

Gear and other exclusive specifications:

Maruti Suzuki Cervo comes with 5 speed manual transmission gear which gives a maximum of 115 kmph speed which can be assumed within 15-20 seconds.
In case of Tata Nano cars, it comes with 4 speed manual transmission gear which can give a maximum speed level of 105 kmph, which is quiet low compared to Maruti Suzuki Cervo.
Therefore, if you are looking for a low budget highway race king, then I’ll suggest you to go for a Maruti Cervo instead. It also has a cool designer look in comparison to the Tata Nano hatchback.
This Cervo generation focuses on power steering technology which gives the ease of driving experience, while the Nano generation cars comes with normal steering. If we consider brake technology, Maruti Cervo has a front Disc and rear drum brake, but Tata Nano posses only drum brake for the both front and rear wheels. This means, without a disc brake, you may face risks while driving fast.
Both the cars comes without Alloy Wheels, but still gives excellent driving experience with their Radial and Tubeless tyres.

Kerb Weight:

  • Maruti Suzuki Cervo- 790 Kgs.
  • Tata Nano- 600 Kgs.


These days, Tata Motors is grabbing the low budget Indian automobile market with their Nano series, but I can see that it will be replaced soon after the launch of Maruti Suzuki Cervo in India. If you are going to buy a Nano car, then I’ll suggest you to pause and rethink. Though the Nano has got a more wide interior with some extra space, but still the technical specifications says that the new Cervo is technically more optimised in comparison with all Tata Nano variants.

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