Top 5 messaging apps for your Android smartphone

When it comes to choose the best, we are always confused. I have recieved lots of questions regarding choosing the best application for their Android smartphones. To answer all those queries, I am listing the top 5 messaging app list for Android smartphones to choose among hundreds in the Google Play store.

Best 5 messaging apps:

1. WhatsApp:

This is one of my all time favourite messaging applications for my Android smartphone. With a cool User Interface (UI) WhatsApp is really very simple, fast, neat and responsive in nature. You can use this messaging app for sending one-to-one or group messages, share photos, videos, audio messages your current location using GPS and also contacts as business card with a threaded customizable listing, which looks really cool. To use this application, you’ll need to sign up from the application interface for a free account using your contact number. To ensure the best privacy option, this app synchronises all your contacts to find your friends on WhatsApp messaging. You’ll only be able to send messages if you know the recipient’s number and he/she is available on WhatsApp. With these kinds of services, WhatsApp will be always on the top in user’s wish list! WhatsApp is accessible with the typical 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi network without any trouble.

2. LINE:

Line (represented as LINE) is really a fast growing messaging app which will be going almost parallel to WhatsApp popularity in near future. This free application offers free VoIP calls along with texting, image, video and audio sharing features which will not cost a single penny to your wallet except for the data charges in your regular internet pack. In addition to these, LINE messaging application offers optional addressbook synchronising followed by GPS location sending, group messaging and bullatin boards which gives instant sharing options upto 100 recipients in a single hit for groups.
Though LINE comes with lots of features, there is a limitation too with it’s single-device stratagy. You cannot use the same account in multiple devices like that of tablets along with smartphones. But the best part is that you can still use the same account in the PC version.

3. Go SMS Pro:

This messaging app is accessible from all networks ranging from 2G to Wi-Fi in addition with one SMS system. Go SMS Pro comes with Doodle handwriting in addition to the typical typing. You can even schedule your messages to send later on and thus you’ll never miss to wish happy birthday to your near and dear ones! You can also chat privately with a ‘Private Box’ feature.
This messaging application comes with fully customizable and replaceable multi-theme support with a theme makes plug-in, which give you access to the core theme repository to use and distribute your own themes! This app also have an online SMS library to choose and send best messages to your friend’s inbox.
The main drawback is that, with the default configuration, if your SMS is arriving late in your inbox (i.e. difference between sent time stamp and delivery time stamp), then the newly recieved message will be shifted back to the middle of your inbox messages. This can be solved changing the ‘descending order with time stamp’ option to ‘without time stamp’.

4. Viber:

Viber messaging app for Android smartphone is also a very popular texting and file sharing application. Along with the typical text messaging, this application supports image, audio and video sharing options with 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Like in other apps, this also supports contact synchronization to give the ease of messaging.

5. Handcent SMS:

With an exceptional i-Phone like bubbly interface for conversation screen, this Android messaging app will also fulfil your mega texting needs. The user interface is very customizable. If you don’t like the default bubble colors or fonts, you can change these for each sms thread, in addition to every single contact. It comes with SMS scheduling box, blacklisting support and privacy box for safe conversations, but these are only available with a registered account. With all connectivity measurers, i.e. 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks, this messaging application can be used for free internet SMS sending purposes.


After considering all the above specification supports, I’ll suggest you to go for WhatsApp and LINE messaging application. This article was prepared based on my own requirements and findings, so I’ve listed upto top 5 applications, so that you can give a try and choose the best one as per your messaging needs. All of these messaging apps have advertisement free user interface to give you the best messaging experiences. Now go and find the best one among the above list!

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