How to increase traffic in your new blog: 7 real time ways to get traffic during initial days

Getting traffic in a new blog is always a headache for each new blogger. To get a handsome amount of traffic your blog posts must top in SERPs in case you are targeting search engines as your main source of traffic. Being in the top list is always not an easy task, even for experienced bloggers. With some independent experiments with my other blogs, I have sorted out the top 7 real time best ways to drive traffic in a new blog.

Top 7 real time ways to drive handsome amount of traffic in a newly created blog:

1. Real time topic selection:

During initial days, driving traffic from search engines is always more easy than any other options if you concentrate on real time topic selection. Real time topics are those topics which will be trending in discussions for next one/two week(s). So, always try to be in the pioneers with really unique contents on such topics. Sometimes, choosing a new real time topic becomes more hectic than consuming a cane of Coca-Cola. So while choosing the topic, always consider these points-

  • The topic flashing in a news channel for the day long can be a real time topic.
  • If you are targeting students, you can choose admission notifications, result announcement updates, few best books suggestions and review, etc. These topics are really so simple and with high traffic potentials.
  • Detailed articles on sports, technology reviews, gadget reviews, etc. can boost up your regular search engine traffic.
  • These topics can be published with both niche blogs and multi-niche platforms. This will drive regular traffic for few days with the topic relevance.

    2. Link building:

    When you are done with 30 well written articles, and started getting traffic from search engines, it’s the time to concentrate on link building. Good amount of regular link building will definitely give you a handsome amount of back links to your blog and thus you’ll get more traffic from those of your good comments. When you are ready to start link building, keep in mind-

  • Search with your best keyword to get your best target listed.
  • Sort out in a descending order in terms of relevance with your niche.
  • Start with the most relevant one. Post a well defined, at least 200 worded comment with a back link.
  • Always keep in mind why your target blogger will accept your comment. Always give your best to fulfill your target’s demand, so that they cannot deny your back link.
  • Your comments should add some value to your target article. Otherwise you cannot expect that they will accept your comment.

    3. Start guest posting:

    Guest posting is like making a community which will search some organic traffic on behalf of you. So, always try to maintain your best quality when you are submitting something for guest posting.
    Search the best target for Guest Post: If you are a niche blogger, then you’ll be at your ease to find a blog for guest posting under the same niche. Do search with few of your best keywords to find out the the blog to work out with. When you’re ready with your search results, choose anyone from the list and find out the most popular keyword there. Now do little research and prepare a well defined 800 worded blog post. After you’re done, place your backlink with the best keyword, or as per their terms and conditions.

    P.S.: Almost every blog has their own policies for Guest Posting. So, do not forget to find out them. In general, most of the blogs will accept 800 worded articles, while some others set their requirements to 1000 or more along with other terms and conditions. So, better to read before you prepare the post.

    4. Social media sharing:

    Social media promotion has become an essential point behind a successful blog. So, always enable few popular social media sharing button at the end of your blog posts. Whenever someone will find your post amazing, he/she will want to share it with their his/her friends. Easy implementation of social media sharing button will also drive you few valuable organic clicks.

    5. About Us page:

    Whenever someone will find your posts useful they will want to know about you and about your site. So, a summarized About Us page is a must if you are an online professional. Don’t make this page a very lengthy one, but summarize and limit maximum word count within 400-450 words. Whenever you write online, always remember that Nobody has much time to read a lengthy page just to know little about you! It’s a fact whether you accept or not.

    6. Social media profiles:

    Always put your social media profile presence along with your name in your blog, so that your potential readers can connect your social media profiles. This will also help in building a community which will help in gaining few extra traffic.

    7. Write a Good Author Profile:

    Yes, you pronounced right! A good author profile in your side bar can attract few potential readers. So, simply frame your author profile and place your social media presence. You can also link your About Us page. This will give a professional look in your design.


    Though getting good amount of traffic in a newly launched blog is somehow challenging, if you consider those above mentioned points seriously the time will be yours! Also get a good theme in the initial days to give a professional look.

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