How to Setup Google Inactive Account Manager to deal with your Google services data after your death?

Recently Google has launched a new feature called Inactive Account Manager to deal with all your Google powered data after your death (or when you are retiring from Google powered services!). With this new feature you can transfer or optionally even delete all your data.

How to setup:

To setup Google’s Inactive Account Manager service, you will need to follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Go to Account Setting page from your account management page which appears as a drop down menu at the top right corner of your GMail or other Google product page.
  • Now Click on the link indicating Inactive Account Manager page. This will load the the setup introduction page.
  • Now scroll to the “Setup” button which appears in blue color. This will load the setup page with four different sections, viz. Alert me, Timeout period, Notify contacts and share data and Optionally delete account; which you will have to fill up.
  • Alert me: Here you’ll have to provide a cellphone number, to which Google will send a warning message one month before your specified account timeout period. You will also have an option to provide an external email id which is not associated with your current Google account.
  • Timeout period: In this section, you’ll have to specify a timeout period of either 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. If you went inactive continuously for the period you have specified here, Google will perform transferring/deletion procedure assuming you are no more using this account (or you have left for heaven!).
  • Notify contacts and share data: In this section you’ll be given 10 text boxes to enter your relative or trusted person’s email ids. Google will notify these persons when your account remains inactive for the time that you have specified in the “Timeout period”. Along with each email text box you’ll be given options to choose which google product data to be shared or simply notify the contact. In this section you can also setup an auto-response text which will be sent as an automated response to each email recieved after the specified timeout. You will also need to set a cellphone number against each contact to which Google will send the verification code to access your account data.
  • Optionally delete account: If you do not want to share your account data with anyone, then through this section you can simply delete your account after the timeout period that you’ve specified above. You can toggle the option to turn it on or enable this feature.
  • Now to finalize your inactive account management settings, click the “Enable” button which appears in blue color.

This is how you can tell Google how to treat with your Google powered data after you are no more using your Google products or you leave for heaven.

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