Subaru Impreza Vs Ford Focus – Comparison between two low budget compact cars

The automobile giant Subaru came into the competition during 2016 in the compact range cars with it’s impressive model named Impreza. This came in the US market to give a tough competition to the auto giant Ford’s compact range model Ford Focus, which was already at hit since 2010.
In this article let us know a comparative account between Subaru impreza and Ford Focus.

Subaru Impreza Vs Ford Focus
Subaru Impreza Vs Ford Focus

The Subaru Impreza comes with front loaded engine and 4-wheel drive, 5 passenger capacity along with its 4 door hatchback model. While Ford Focus comes with front loaded front-wheel drive, 5 passenger capacity 4 door hatchback model in the impact car segment.


Coming to the engine part, Subaru Impreza comes along with regular unleaded H4 engine DOHC 16 valve flat-4 aluminium block & head with direct fuel injection type Gasoline variant 2.0 L engine. While, Ford Focus comes with regular unleaded I-4 DOHC 16 valve engine with the same specification as Impreza comes.


Along with the above specifications, Subaru Impreza generates 152 horsepower at 6000 RPM & 145 lb-ft @ 4000 RPM torque, while Ford Focus generates 160 horsepower at 6500 RPM & 146 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM which is a load of power in comparison.


Coming to transmission, Impreza gives a 5-speed automatically variable auto shift transmission system supporting manual mode shifting. While in case of Ford Focus, it’s a six speed auto shifting transmission system supporting manual mode, giving a better first look.


To be precise, Impreza’s overall length is 175.6 inches with 70.0 inches of width and 57.3 inches of height, having a wheelbase of 105.1 inches. On the other hand, Ford’s comes with a 171.6 inches overall length, 71.8 inches width and 57.7 inches height having wheelbase of 104.3 inches.

Kerb weight:

Kerb weight of Subaru Impreza is 3,075 lbs while in case of Ford Focus, its 2,948 lbs. Considering the above factors, having a less kerb weight, Ford focus will be little less steady driving in highways compared to impreza.


Directly coming to the point Impreza is having 5 seating capacity just like in the case of Ford’s Focus. Passenger volume in case of Impreza is of 112.1 cubic ft while the Focus comes with 90.7 cubic ft. Leg room and head room is of 43.1 inches & 39.8 inches in case of Subaru’s, while Ford’s is a little less spacious with 41.9 inches of leg room and 38.3 inches of head room.

Overall Highlights:

For both the Subaru Impreza and Ford Focus: Sport tuned Strut Front suspension, Electric Power-Assist Speed Sensing Steering system, 3 LCD monitors in the front room, Steering mounted music control, Battery run down protection technology.

Safety measures:

Common: ESC, 4-wheel ABS Braking System, Driveline Traction Control, Duel Airbag with Occupancy Sensor, Rear Child Safety Lock.

Subaru Impreza exclusive: Driver Knee Airbag

Ford Focus exclusive: Back up Camera.


Impreza comes with 4 wheel Antilocking Brake System with both front and rear wheel disc brakes. On the other hand, in case of Focus, front wheel is disc and rear wheel is having drum braking system.

Fuel Economy: Subaru Impreza Vs Ford Focus

Fuel economy does play a major role considering average American’s road trip habit. You’ll definitely not wanna go out of fuel while on a country side drive. Here are the specifications.

In city drive range it gives a whooping 28 MPG in case of Impreza, while Focus gives 26 MPG. Similarly, in case of Highways, both rides together driving at 38 MPG. Considering combined, Impreza wins over with 32 MPG in contrast with Ford’s 31 MPG.

While coming to the performance point, Impreza takes between 8.5 sec & 8.9 sec to reach 60 mph from zero, while Ford Focus takes between 8.8 sec & 11.2 sec respectively.

Price: Subaru Impreza comes with a base price of $19,715. While Ford Focus comes in the same price range with entry level price of $18,860 in the average US marketplaces.


Considering the above specification analysis, I would personally suggest you to give preference to Subaru Impreza if you’re big fond of Performance cars, considering steadiness at high speed, Fuel Economy and Top Speed. Being spacious is also a plus. But, if you are a power hunger, then no doubt Ford Focus wins over Impreza, having a thrilling 160 HP power.

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