5 best high school part-time working ideas in New Jersey

It can be a daunting task to find and keep a part-time job while balancing homework, claases, school activities during high school days. But believe me, a million is there balancing smooth with great GPA. Working part-time can be a good learning experience for your after grad success. During the first 2 years of my high school I was working as a car wash attendant, and, for a few weeks, as a paper delivery boy. At 4 am every morning I started my day delivering news papers. For the rest 2 years it was a retail job, behind the counter at a mom and pop drugstore. These high school part-time jobs gave me a good knowledge of handling money, taking up responsibilities, how to deal with the general public and how to maintain punctuality. These were some invaluable experiences and provided me with some autonomy and money to spend.

Should high school students work for jobs? – well this is a millon dollar question. There are different though of schools, some suggests working, and some doesn’t. Many sees schoolwork suffer, tough time hanging out with friends, but if you can balance between work and schooling, maintain solid grades, attend classes on time, then it’s a good experience working for a part-time jobs.

Well, in many states, minors are not allowed to work for a certain types of occupations or working during school hours, or need to maintain a specific grade point while working, with child labor laws. So first check with your state’s laws and proceed further.

Here few best options to choose for your high school part-time working:

  1. Animal shelter worker: If you are fond of taking care of animals, this may be the best part-time engagement. Shelters often used to hire minimum-wage employees for spending time with animals and cleaning out their cages. As a part time employee you may be doing some messy, heart-wrenching stuffs to assist sick animals, but if you are kind of truly interested in animal welfare then it’ll be the ideal after-school engagement for you.
  2. Babysitting: Babysitting is some well popular jobs among teenagers. If you are good at managing kids, it can be a good part-time after-school job. Babysitters works usually on Friday and Saturday evenings, thus keeping the whole weekdays for completing homeworks and all schoolwork activities. Babysitters are well paid for their time, usually $12 – $16 per hour. I have friends in Hammonton who pays $22 per hour when they are crunched for time. Word of mouth referrals, recommendations, references plays crucial getting a new babysitting job. They should be the best at their behavior and should love to manage naughty kids, for getting hired again. But once you are set well, it may prove as a good-wage part-time job for high school students. You may well visit Babysitters4hire.com for your next babysitting gig!
  3. Car wash attendant: Working as a car wash attendant may not be a well paid job, but you’ll be getting tips now-n-then. On a minimum-wage part-time, it may not be an attractive one, but I bet you’ll be well busy during warmer days and enjoy the time. Besides, if you own a car yourself, then getting a free wash and toning can make a good deal while getting decent overall payout!
  4. Document archival services: Archiving important documents and photographs in digital can be a good idea for making money. Many are there who needs to archive old printed photographs and documents but cannot make time. You can agree on the number of copies and fix a price per copy based on the time it takes to complete. Scanned documents can be stored in Google Docs and photographs on DVDs, hard drives. Just be extra careful not to damage any of important documents or photograph.
  5. Well, I’ll keep the fifth one as open ended. Dig in and find the best skills in you and turn it to an idea for a part-time earning engagement while attending your hugh school claases. Always remember, every skills you are fine tuned of, there are somebody who needs it at their service.

Teenagers are always at their best in finding new part-time jobs yielding some amount of money and most importantly invaluable life experiences. It may become a good opportunity to learn money management, teamwork, taking up initiatives and responsibilities, ending up building self esteem to deal with the real world after high school graduation.

Feel free to include your own high school part-time work job below in comment box which you feel can take up the 5th place in the above list.

“This article is prepared by GV George, a friend of mine in New Jersey, US. I’m presenting on his behalf.”

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