iPhone 6 S Cover Cases

How to customize and enhance your iPhone 6 with cool accessories

With rapidly changing times, cell phones have become an important and integral part of our life, be it at office or while hanging out with friends. But, cell phone manufacturers make the same thousands of pieces in the same style, so we cannot expect that our cell phone won’t resemble with one of our friend’s or colleague’s. Therefore it becomes very difficult to look different in the mob with some cool and unique model in our hand. In case you have got a trendy iPhone 6 in your hand and it doesn’t differ a bit with your office competitor’s mid range phone, then what’s the point of owning such a classic model! So, how to get rid of these ditto copies in their hands? Believe me, it’s really very simple. But how? We’ll get to know this in the later parts of this article.

Rebrand your Apple iPhone 6 with some cool cover cases:

iPhone 6 S Cover Cases
iPhone 6 S Cover Cases

The simplest way to give your iPhone a trendy look is to opt for a cool cover case. Basically, these cover cases replace the built-in cover of the phone (normal back cover or flip-cover). These cover cases comes with different cool and fashionable graphic choices in the market, so you are free to choose any of them to make your iPhone matching with your style and status. Changing your cover case will do the magic of changing your iPhone’s look instantly. And most of all, the price range is very light weight to your wallet which ranges between $2.00 USD to $8.00 USD as a maximum retail price in the departmental stores and online shopping portals.

Few other personalization options for your iPhone

Although a cover case will turn your iPhone 6 into a completely personalized phone matching your style statement, there are a few other cool options too to give a trendier look with some accessories that will also enhance your cell phone’s features to the next level. Few of these are like clamp camera, cool anti-dust plug, screen protector, and a few More Products.

Clamp camera and anti-dust plug for iPhone 6
Clamp camera and anti-dust plug for iPhone 6

Clamp camera: How about turning your iPhone 6 into a cool DSLR? Well, that is possible with the help of an accessory called clamp camera. It is a bundle of extra lenses that can be externally attached into your cell phone’s camera with a detachable clamp. Thus you can enhance your built-in camera resolution with a higher optical zooming and resolution.

Anti-dust plug: These are none but a plug-in-device into the audio jack point of your iPhone. These will protect your cell phone from dust entering through the audio jack hole while not in use. But how can this enhance your device’s look? Well, these plugs comes with some cool personalized pendants attached to it. So, along with the extensive protection from dusts, now your cell phone has got a new trendy look too!

Screen protector for iPhone 6

Screen protector for iPhone 6
Screen protector for iPhone 6

So, now you have got a cool smartphone that matches your style statement. But what about making it more protected and durable? Yes, you have guessed it right. Screen protectors can save your iPhone’s screen from all external minor damages, thus increasing its life and efficiency. Of course there’s nothing cool about screen protectors,but safeguarding your elite phone as much as possible, is equally as important as to give it a cool look, right? 🙂

Conclusion: I would like to conclude this article by saying that these are not the only possible ways to make your smartest phone look trendy! There are many other ways too to personalize your invaluable iPhone 6, which I am leaving to you to explore!

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