Mac X HD fast video converting tool for Windows and Mac: Pros and Cons

Quality, Speed, Uniqueness &  Ease of Access- these four are the main pillar of success for any software development firm. With all in  one integrity, the mother software firm Digiarty Software, Inc., has come up with their latest 2014 revolutionary video utility tool Mac X Video HD Converter for both Windows and Mac OS PCs. The software is available at a standard price tag of $49.95 US from its home e-commerce site at along with many other video utility softwares. This software comes in a package along with a video ripping software as an added accessory for free of cost! I am a professional video editor and many times clients  used to send very low quality and low resolution shaky interlacing raw videos, which are actually great headaches fulfilling their expectations. So, I was searching for a tool which can fix those scrapes and suddenly I came to know about “Mac X HD Video Converting Software”, which I discovered a revolution in itself. Great things obviously lacks somewhere, and I too get a few while using it. Therefore, I am coming with a legit review of this HD video converting tool for our invaluable readers.

Mac X HD Video Converter Pro
The Landing Page

Now let us know little bit more about this new all-in-one video editing utility, especially pros and cons (drawbacks).

Pros of Mac X HD Video Converting Software

First of all, let us know what are the features which you’ll love most about this software.

  1. Simple interface: Those are successful softwares which are built with a very easy going working interface.  on start up, the video converter will load with a very simple work-around interface, for importing/selecting your target video(s). The Import Bar The import bar features various importing buttons such as video import import button, photo and YouTube video import buttons along with few other feature buttons. Similarly, all the selected videos are placed just after the Import Bar and the preview window is places alongside with the selected video listing window. Following these, the big Run button is placed in the right bottom corner of the window. This run button initiates the conversion process.
  2. Ease of access: With such a simple interface, Mac X Video Converter Pro gives very satisfactory level of user experiences. For example, if you’re looking for cropping a video within its original frame todelete the blank sidebars, the you’ll have to just drag the cropping area to re-size and choose your preferred frame leaving the blank sidebars outside of the cropping frame.
    Cropping a video within its original frame
    Cropping a video within its original frame

    You can also add your own subtitles while converting the video.

  3. Multiple Language Support: The software comes with 11 built-in international languages, such as France, Chinese, Japanese, etc. This makes the utility world-wide accepted.
  4. Hardware and Software Accelerations: And thats not all, you can even make your shaky low quality interlacing videos  with special hardware/software acceleration called High Quality Engine, which converts low quality raw videos  into high quality professional-touched videos. There is also a Deinterlacing Engine which converts videos with more clarity. In case you’re using a multi-core processor then you can accelerate the conversion speed using upto 8 CPU Cores at a time.
  5. YouTube video conversion and Download: Downloading YouTube video is  always a headache. There are many more online applications which downloads YouTube videos, but Mac X HD Video Converter is the first offline video converter which gives the option to choose your preferred format and resolution before start downloading.
    Mac X YouTube Downloader
    Mac X YouTube Downloader
  6. Still image Suport: This version of Mac X Video Converter comes with a feature packed still photographs to video (slideshow) conversion tools. Here, you can choose a complete folder having image files to convert into any supported video streams. Merging two or more photo folders are also supported. Apart from these, there is also a cool feature to add more value to your photo-slideshow video- you can add custom music files into your converted video. After selecting a whole folder containing images you can even remove your unwanted images from the target video slideshow from the edit interface.
  7. Wide support for output formats: Mac X Video converter becomes my all time favorite because of its wide range of output video format support. All formatsare sorted out with different categories based on different playing machine brand. For example, Blackberry, Nokia, DVD, etc format profile. each format profile features a slider to choose whether to go with low quality, medium quality and high quality video outputs.
    Output Format Profiles
    Output Format Profiles


So these are the main features and factors which makes Mac X HD Video Converter more than a typical converter. While there are lot of pros which makes the product appealing, on the other hand, there are some limitations/drawbacks too which may lead to some new scopes for improvements.

Drawbacks of Mac X HD Video Converter:

While some of these drawbacks are very serious and needed to be treat with immediate effect; some are often negligible. So, without wasting times, let’s know the cons of the product.

  1. Processing Speed: While with more multi-core processor it works fantastically fast, it’s processing/converting speed becomes lazy if you’re on a typical single core processor.
  2. Media Source: While choosing input media sources, you can choose only only one kind of media at a time. That means, if you’re adding multiple videos to the input media source, then it works perfectly. But, in case you’re trying to convert and merge one video and an image input source together, it won’t work. This should be resolved ASAP to continue with its sky-level reputations.
  3. No visual effects: While the converter gives a room to edit output videos to some extend, it doesn’t have any visual effect library. Furthermore, the image slideshow (video) maker also lack the transition visual effects, i.e. the intermediate visual effect between two consecutive images.
  4. No sound effects: The image-video converter doesn’t have any room for transitional sound effects, which makes the slideshow super boring!
  5. No Pause or Stop button: While working with the YouTube video conversion section, after entering the YouTube video URL and pressing the Analyse button, you cannot pause or abort the analyzing. This is one among the major drawbacks of the Mac X HD Video Converter Pro, which need to be fixed as soon as possible.
  6. The Help link is not working: The  Help link found in the right upper corner (on clicking the question mark) doesn’t lead to a valid help page, instead it redirects to a 404 page. This is a serious issue with the software and itshould be treated with top priority.
    Help Page Leads to 404 Error Page
    Help Page Leads to 404 Error Page


After reviewing this HD Video Converting Tool, I have come to the conclusion that, it is worth for professionals to work like a pro, while Mac X HD Video Converter Pro is equally recommended to learners/newbies too. The price is little bit higher, but they are running price cut offers which makes it competitively cheaper.

PS: The video utility firm has originally developed a Mac version of Mac X HD Video Converter Pro. This Mac version is more feature reach, for example it bears a built-in screen recorder to record Mac PC screens with ease wile working on some presentations!

We have cope up with the software firm and they have agreed to run an UNLIMITED download giveaway exclusively with During this special giveaway period, you van get both their Windows and Mac version of Mac X HD Video Converter Pro for free of cost. This giveaway ends on 11.59.59 pm of 06-July-2014. To go to the giveaway page, visit this link- Exclusive Giveaway: Get Mac X Video Converter Pro for free!

2 thoughts on “Mac X HD fast video converting tool for Windows and Mac: Pros and Cons

  1. Sabrina Lee says:

    For #2 cons, I got the answer from our development team, we’re afraid that we could not handle with this issue since actually videos and images are different multimedia format, we’re not able to achieve it for converting or merging them together.

    As to #3 to #5 cons, we will bring them into our development & improvement plan. Thanks Sultan 😀

    For the last cons, we’ve fixed it. The help page is available to read now.

    Best Regards,
    Sabrina Lee,
    Mac X DVD Support Team.

    • Sultan says:

      Thanks a lot Sabrina for your response here. I really appreciate your willingness to modify the Mac X HD Fast Video Converting Tool accepting our reviews.

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