How enable https for free – Complete guide on free SSL installation

Since last few Google search algorithm updates, it seems that the sites with https are getting more priority in SERP. Considering this, most of the bloggers are now migrating their sites to htts:// paying a handsome amount. But paying for the best may not be always the last option when it comes to web security and ranking. There are many free SSL certificate issuing authorities in the market at present, but they are not  well reputed enough to complete the giant CA Comodo SSL. So, what if you could get a Comodo SSL for absolutely free of cost on your site? Read on to know how to install Comodo grade SSL certificate for free of cost. In this article, I’ll explain step by step installation procedure of free Comodo SSL from Cloudflare.

When should kids start to learn music

Are you looking out to send your kid to music classes? What are all the things you must know before you enroll them into the classes? What is the right age for your kid to start with the classes and what are the criteria you must examine to decide on the right age to start music lessons for your kid? Read on..

Maruti Suzuki Cervo Vs Tata Nano: Comparison between two low budget car

The Indian low budget automobile market king Maruti is about to launch their another cheap car in Indian market- Maruti Suzuki Cervo. This car will be targetting Indian middle-class family automobile desires with this stylish hatchback model. Till today, the Nano series of Tata motors is grabbing the huge Indian low budget automobile market with […]

Subaru Impreza Vs Ford Focus – Comparison between two low budget compact cars

The automobile giant Subaru came into the competition during 2016 in the compact range cars with it’s impressive model named Impreza. This came in the US market to give a tough competition to the auto giant Ford’s compact range model Ford Focus, which was already at hit since 2010.

In this article let us know a comparative account between Subaru impreza and Ford focus.

The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha

Book Review – The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha

Crime and Corruption as we all know is quite prevalent in India. Particularly there are some regions where rate of crime is too high. Bihar is one such State where it is seen that the land mafias and other crimes find its roots. People who want to do their work fairly are often interfered with. In this book, The First Trillionaire authored by Sapna Jha, similar occurrence has been described with the lead character of the book. A girl who after a lot of efforts and hard work gets selected in the IBPS exam and gets her first posting in one of the city of Bihar made her life miserable. Read on to know more!!

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