Difference between ca-pub- and pub- AdSense publisher id

Are you confused to see the AdSense publisher id as ca-pub- in your Blogger or YouTube monetizing interface? Read this article to know the difference between ca-pub- and pub- AdSense publisher id formats.

Why is it ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to me?
AdSense has recently launched a different type of account with some limitations for all their host partner websites and has labelled as Hosted AdSense Accounts. With a hosted account, you can only monetize your Google host partner or API revenue sharing websites and these kind of accounts will bear the publisher id with an extra term “ca-” added before the actual publisher id which starts with “pub” prefixed.

How these Hosted Accounts are generated?
If you have applied for a new AdSense account using a host partner website, such as YouTube, HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel, etc., on successful approval it will get you an AdSense publisher account with a “Hosted Account” label.

My AdSense publisher account is not a hosted one. But why do I get the adcode with “ca-” prefixed on my Blogger blog?
After the new AdSense publishing account system came in exist, all your ads served at Host Partner and Google powered websites/webpages/services are generated with the hosted label publisher id format, which starts with ca- prefixed to pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Thus you will get adcodes on HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel, Blogger blogs, YouTube videos, Google sites and all other API revenue sharing websites with ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx publisher id format.
However, if you have a full flagged AdSense publisher account, all your own websites will generate AdSense ads with the standard format publisher id, i.e. pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as well.

So, these are the basic differences between “ca-pub-” and “pub-” AdSense publisher ids.

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  1. This is really very explanatory I had been curious about it though never bothered to search for it. But here you have dropped it to my face. Thanks for sharing this piece, I actually found your blog from your last comment on one of my post that talks about single featured post, I decided to drop by since I use the eleven40 theme and here I’m seeing a very wonderfully crafted design, You must have put in great time to come up with this awesome design.

    • I recieved many questions related to ca-pub and hence finally decided to write this post. Thanks a lot for leaving your good words for me.

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